The 2015 lineup

Thursday, March 5th, 2015

Dearest readers, without further ado (because who needs more ado?), we present to you our 2015 list:


Kadetsky_CoverOn the Island at the Center of the Center of the World


In the wake of a chaotic decade in New York, Netti and her eleven-year-old son, Ian, find themselves on the shores of Malta, a picturesque and antiquated Mediterranean island where the last world war still thrums in the nerves of its residents. When they witness an accident on the streets of Valletta, Netti becomes enmeshed in a mystery of old-world family alliances on an island little touched by time and outsiders. Faced with her own transgressions in the shape of reckless relationships and a constant pursuit of the bottom of the wine bottle, Netti desperately seeks to vindicate the crime and better herself as mother to her precocious, adolescent son.

       Detailed in sharp yet rich prose and a style reminiscent of Roberto Bolaño and Paul Bowles, On the Island at the Center of the Center of the World navigates a confounding existential crisis and the ultimate futility of the desire to escape oneself.


APRIL 21, 2015


EK author photoElizabeth Kadetsky

Elizabeth Kadetsky is the author of First There Is a Mountain (Little, Brown), a memoir of year spent in India studying with the yogi BKS Iyengar, and the short story collection The Poison that Purifies You (C&R Press), which was chosen by as one of the best under-the-radar picks of 2014. Her personal essays and short stories have been published in New England Review, Antioch Review, Glimmer Train, the New York Times, and many other venues. She is an assistant professor teaching fiction and nonfiction at Penn State and splits her time between New York City’s East Village and State College, PA. Her work can be found at









Ciao, SuerteAnnieMc-5


Decades after her son and his pregnant wife are kidnapped and killed during the Dirty War in Argentina, Beatriz is given a lead on the whereabouts of her grandson after a long and desperate search. Ciao, Suerte follows the sudden and tense reunion of Miguel, adopted by wealthy Patagonians as a baby, with his only remaining biological family: Beatriz and her estranged husband Giancarlo.

       Set in Madrid as Miguel is living out his late teenage years alongside his adoptive brother and girlfriend Inés, the novella interweaves each narrative with that of Eduardo, the lieutenant who brokered Miguel’s illicit adoption. Detailed in immersive, riveting prose reminiscent of Edward P. Jones and Alice Munro, Annie McGreevy’s debut novella is an intense examination of the spectrum of love—romantic, familial, national and imaginary—and how it simultaneously sustains and disappoints.


JULY 2015


Annie McGreevy

Annie McGreevy was born and raised at the Jersey Shore. She holds a BA in Literature from American University and an MFA in Creative Writing from The Ohio State University. She is currently a Senior Lecturer at Ohio State and is working on a novel.





Kiefer3-23-PFOne Day Soon Time Will Have No Place Left to Hide

Renowned installation artist Frank Poole has embarked on his most ambitious project to date: an entire housing subdivision in the desert of Nevada, with every element painted stark white. By his side is his young wife Caitlin, his manager and confidante who keeps the volatile artist functioning from day to day. But as Frank grows increasingly anxious about his undertaking, Caitlin learns she is pregnant and begins to wonder what the future might hold for them both.

       At turns funny, tragic, triumphant and harrowing, One Day Soon Time Will Have No Place Left to Hide is a documentary film in prose. Structured as a “kinoroman,” a novella-as-film-script-as novella, the text explores the nature of art, of watching and of being watched, of life put on display, all the while focusing on the day-to-day existence of one couple as they work through the incendiary materials of their lives together.




Christian Kiefer

Christian Kiefer is the author of the novels The Infinite Tides and The Animals and has been an active songwriter, musician, and poet for a number of years. His work has recently appeared in Zyzzyva, Santa Monica Review, and Catamaran Literary Reader. He serves on the faculty of American River College in Sacramento and lives in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada with his family.