Novella Month is the best month

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

novella month 2014

Our favorite month has arrived once more.  To celebrate, we’re putting the whole store on sale for 30% off (e-books are already discounted; no code necessary). And below, check out some of our favorite bits of novella-related things from the past year or so.


-Did you read Sleep Donation, a novella by Karen Russell? It was released by Atavist Books in March with a fancy, interactive website to supplement and promote the e-book format. A hopeful interpretation of the changing publishing landscape and where novellas fit in.


-We’ve got new brethren! Check out Black Hill Press, whose fearless leader, Kevin Staniec, is doing rad things for the novella form. There’s also the very handsome Dock Street Press. Both presses are actively seeking novellas!


-Our pals at The Lit Pub is also taking novella submissions!


The Deerbird Novella Prize, awarded by Artistically Designed Press, was awarded to Jenny Drai for Letters to Quince.


Adore, a novella by Doris Lessing, was made into a movie starring Naomi Watts and Robin Wright. (It was just OK.)


-Did you know that Song of Fire and Ice (aka the source material for Game of Thrones) author George R.R. Martin writes a ton of novellas? Because he does.


-Recent(ish) novellas we recommend:

Brown Dog, a collection of novellas by Jim Harrison

Dirty Love, a collection of linked novellas by Andre Dubus III

“The Hanging Fruit” in Joan Silber’s National Book Award-finalist collection Fools

The Dept. of Speculation by Jenny Offill. The big stamp on the cover of the book says “A NOVEL,” but c’mon, Knopf. It’s a novella if there ever was one, and a breathtaking one at that.


-Here’s the list of novellas we crowd sourced two years ago.