EDITOR · Deena Drewis

MANAGING EDITOR · Crissy Van Meter


READERS · Ellen Coy, Jed Munson



Nouvella is an independent publisher dedicated to novellas.


Established in 2011 after the closure of Flatmancrooked, Nouvella utilizes Launch, a program for emerging authors in which the reading community can “invest” in the career of an author by purchasing a “share” during a designated one-week period. For every share purchased, the patron will receive a limited edition, hand-signed copy of the novella, a thank-you letter from the author and an e-book. Two hundred “share” packages are available during the author’s Launch week; after the week is over, the book will be available for its list price on the site and through Small Press Distribution and various booksellers.


In the time leading up to an author’s Launch, links to previously published short stories and an excerpt from the novella will be featured on the website as a demonstration of the author’s talent and potential. While there are no specific selection criteria for our authors for the Launch program, our aim is to find writers that we believe have a bright and dedicated future in front of them, and who have not yet signed with a major publisher. Our authors have gone on to become New York Times Bestsellers with books sold to Riverhead, Little Brown, St. Martin’s Press and Amazon, have been featured as the Amazon Best Books of December Debut Spotlight, finalists for the Lambda Literary and Publishing Triangle awards, and have been awarded the National Jewish Book Award for Outstanding Debut Fiction.


As of 2014, in addition to focusing on novellas by emerging writers, Nouvella will be publishing novellas by established writers with the Enfant Terrible series—novellas that are the unruly, unorthodox, innovative children of authors that have otherwise seen success with more traditional forms such as the novel or short story.


Nouvella books are small, designed to fit in your back pocket or your purse, to take with you wherever you go. Form follows function, you know?


Author Selection

We are looking for works of fiction in the 10,000 to 40,000 word range. Authors for the Launch series are selected through two different processes.


1.) Staff scouting. Each member of the editorial staff is assigned a handful of literary magazines and websites to read in search of emerging authors. If we find something we like, we contact the author and see what else they’ve published previously, what they’re working on currently, and what they’ve got sitting on the shelf. Magazines and websites assigned to the staff are any combination of the following: One Story, American Short Fiction, Glimmertrain, Monkeybicycle, The Collagist, Dzanc’s Best of the Web series, McSweeney’s, Bat City Review, PANK, FiveChapters, Narrative, Meridian and others. Give us reading suggestions here.


2.) Cold submissions. You have the option of submitting three additional short stories that will be read alongside your novella submission in order to give us a more comprehensive idea of your writing style. Please note that due to the amount of material being submitted and the small number of novellas published in a given year, your work may be under consideration anywhere from four to six months. Simultaneous submissions are fine with us, but please let us know ASAP if your piece is accepted elsewhere. Submissions sent directly to an editor, unless by request, will not be read.

***Submissions are temporarily closed while we work on some big updates. Check back on October 1 for an update***


Questions and Answers

What kind of work are you looking for?


In brief, we are interested in narrative fiction. Conflicted characters. Good dialogue. Moral ambiguity. Make us laugh. Make us feel implicated. We are less concerned with revolutionizing form and with syntax experiments than with the story aspect of storytelling and stunning prose.


Why novellas?


Historically, for various reasons, novellas have not been seen as a marketable form of storytelling. But stories should be as long or as short as they need to be. Nouvella was founded on a willingness to bet that a good many talented writers have stories to tell that fall in this word count range. We think it’s a good bet.


How many titles do you release per year?


By 2015, Nouvella will publish four titles per year. One of the founding ideas behind Nouvella is that each author receives the full and undivided support of its publisher, and this schedule allows us that, in addition to taking time to find the next author.


Why do you only release 200 share packages?


The signed books and letters are intended to be collectible, one-of-a-kind mementos that will become dearer and dearer as the author’s career progresses.


I am an established author and I’ve got an enfant terrible on my hands that I would like to submit for the Enfant Terrible series. How do I do that?


Please have your agent get in touch with editors {at} nouvellabooks {dot} com. Or, if you are working without an agent, please use Submittable.


You didn’t answer my question.


Send us a letter at editors {at} nouvellabooks {dot} com.


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