Helter Swelter

Sunday, July 1st, 2012

So summer is here, which indicates the arrival of any number of liberating things, but chief among them is what we book-ish types refer to as “summer reading” (which, in my opinion, means nothing other than you get to read whatever you want.) Last month, in honor of Novella Month, we compiled a list of recommended novellas via Twitter, so if you’re looking to bolster your summer reading with some medium-sized fiction, the list is here. Thanks to all who participated; we had a terrific time discovering all the novellas we didn’t know about, and we’ll be announcing the three winners of Nouvella subscriptions shortly, so stay tuned.


In other news, while we’ve mentioned it here and there over the last few months, we’re thrilled to officially announce our next title: A Familiar Beast by Panio Gianopoulus. Our second novella of 2012 will be coming your way mid-September, so check back with us soon for more details. In the meantime, you can follow @panio on Twitter, where he keeps a Game of Thrones-centric feed (which is really the best kind of feed.)


And speaking of new things: there are changes afoot at Nouvella! We’re pleased to announce that we are now officially distributed by Small Press Distribution, which¬†means easier access for bookstores and for the general reading public. Initially, for our first two releases, physical copies were only available here during launch week and later, at a select bookstores, but we realized that a good number of readers who found out about the release post-launch were having a heck of a time tracking down a physical copy. Which made us sad. So from here on out, launch week will work a little differently: “share” packages will be limited to 300, and for a set price, each investor will receive a signed and numbered 1st edition copy of the book, a handwritten thank-you note from the author, and an e-book. After the launch week is over, copies of the novella will be available for their list price through the site, through the SPD website, and through various booksellers. More books = more reading = more happiness. (So if you didn’t get a copy way back when,¬†The Last Repatriate and The Sensualist can be secured through the SPD site now; booksellers, check out the booksellers tab for store discounts.)


Lastly, in case you are somehow follow us on Twitter and don’t follow Electric Literature (I think there are maybe…3 of you), we’re pleased as pie to announce that we are a partner for their new venture Recommended Reading. It’s a terrific, community-curated project that aims to deliver one incredible story to the literary masses once a week. They’re about a month and a half in, so if you haven’t checked it out yet, you’ve got a healthy archive to look through already. What this means for us is that we’ll be excerpting novellas in Recommended Reading before they’re released. It’s what the French might call “super chouette.”


Other than that, we hope you all have the loveliest summer and that it’s not too sweaty (unless you’d like it to be.) We’ll be rolling out more on A Familiar Beast before you know it, so keep your antennae turned our way.