In the New Year

Saturday, January 7th, 2012

John Cusack, waiting for 2012.

Happy New Year, Nouvellaers. Twenty-twelve has arrived and so far our year has set out skipping. First case in point: we are absolutely thrilled to announce the release of our next novella, The Sensualist by Daniel Torday. We don’t want to divulge too much too soon, but we’re busy behind the scenes right this very instant, getting ready for a mid-March release. In the meantime, read up on this Dan fellow (web hint: Five Chapters and 52 Stories). You’re going to want to get in on the ground floor on this one, believe you me. Stay tuned for more details.


And now for a bit of news from the Flatmancrooked vault: In celebration of selling out of the second edition of Edan Lepucki’s If You’re Not Yet Like Me, we are offering the very last of the first-edition copies (we came into a few extra copies after a shipping mishap during the October 2009 launch.) Head over here for more details and to get one of the 15 remaining signed copies.


Lastly, I wanted to reiterate my thanks for all the support this last year. The release of our first Nouvella title, Matthew SalessesThe Last Repatriate, went terrifically. Some great write-ups have gone up at The Stage and at Ethel Rohan‘s blog, and it appeared on “best of” lists at Big Other and NANO Fiction. If you’re still itching to see Matt read and/or pick up an illusive hard copy, you’re in luck: he’ll be reading at Brookline Booksmith on Wednesday, January 18th at 7pm, along with Elizabeth Searle, author of Girl Held in Home. The following week, on January 23rd, he’ll be at “the sexiest reading series in Cambridge” at Literary Firsts, 7pm, Middlesex Lounge. Precisely one month later Matt will be doing the Writers Series with Margot Livesey at Salem State University (that’s February 23rd, 7:30pm). And finally, the web’s coolest fiction contest (so says I): My Protagonist is Matt Salesses.” It’s essentially exactly what it sounds like, and it’ll be judged by Matt Bell (How They Were Found), Laura van den Berg (What the World Will Look Like When All the Water Leaves Us) and Steve Himmer (The Bee-Loud Glade). The winner will be announced at/around AWP, and prizes include various books.


Thanks for checking in. As always, more exciting news soon.